A Dog's Purpose.... at your photo session!

If you’re like me, your fur friends are your babies. My husband and I don’t have children yet, so our dog is well… spoiled to say the least. Which means when we do family photos, Chandler is front and center!

I get the question all the time - is it okay if we bring our dog? YES! I love working with you and your pets. BUT, there are some things to know ahead of time as to what to expect when shooting and how to be best prepared!

So here we go. Here are 4 tips to be prepared and ready for your session with your fur babies.

1.Know Your Pet


Whether he’s high energy, anxious, stubborn, too friendly, old or young!… dogs (and other pets) have personalities and characteristics of their own! It’s important to keep these things in mind when it comes to your photo session because the location or the environment may not be a good fit. For example, my dog Chandler, is very friendly…very friendly. If he sees a squirrel run by, he wants to be friends. So taking Chandler to a crowded park or a city street would be far too distracting and not good for pictures. Maybe our backyard would make more sense!

Or maybe your pup has some age on her and the stress of travel is too much? An in-home session may be a better bet. Know your pet and think about whether the environment or session location makes sense for all parties involved.

2.Bring Some Extra Hands


This is a little behind the scenes trick. When we book a session, we may think we want our pets in EVERY shot. I’m going to tell you, this is probably not the case. Chances are you may want a few shots of just the two of you! Or just the family. Or maybe Fido is getting a bit anxious and needs a break. This is a great opportunity to bring along a friend or someone who will not be in the photos, to stand to the side and hold the dog when he’s not in the shot.

This also takes SO much stress off your shoulders knowing someone is there when needed to help. I highly recommend this when bringing more than one pet.

3.Did Someone Say Treat?


Yes. Yes I did. You probably already know this, but dogs will do wonders for a good snack. Remember to bring a bag of yummies along with you to reward your pup for the awesome job they’re doing! This goes for in-home sessions too — have those treats at the ready.

If treats aren’t part of your behavior training, bring a favorite toy! This is your opportunity to make me look ridiculous as I hold the toy by the camera and try to get your pup to look my way (squeakers are a plus).

(P.S. It’s not the fun stuff — but don’t forget the potty bags and a water bowl too!)



I know…this sounds impossible. But really, be sure to enjoy your session! I have worked with many families with many dogs and every single one has been a success! When we work with your pets, our focus is going to be on THEIR needs. I keep in mind that trying to get a dog to sit still and look at a camera while we say “smile” just isn’t going to happen!

Remember - these are lifestyle sessions, which means I want to capture the life of you and your pup. We’re going to do some walking, maybe some running, you’ll snuggle with your pup, and maybe play some games. Trust me, we’ll keep them entertained and I’m pretty sure you’ll have fun too.